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Ma rentrée pas à pas à l'UA

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Welcome at UA!

Get started at UA with our orientation webinars on Panopto

Services made available to international students:

  • Help, advice and guidance for all formalities (visa, CVEC, health, etc.)
  • French courses
  • Meeting local students with the Buddy System UA
  • Trips and cultural outings
  • Discovering UA
  • Answers to any questions you may have

Steps to follow when you arrive

When you arrive at UA, there are certains steps to go through and administrative formalities to handle. This entire website is dedicated to helping students who arrive and we have put together a list to help you settle in at UA, in Angers and in France.

  • Step 1 - Join the Buddy System

    Buddy System

    If you have not yet signed up for the Buddy System, now is the time! It will allow you to get a Buddy Mentor (local student), who can help you with certain formalities and help you discover the city and local student life.

  • Step 2 - Sign up for the Welcome Programme

    The International Welcome Office designs a Welcome Programme for all new international students. Attend discovery tours of the campuses, the city, the midieval castle, the main art museums, the International Student Fair, and much much more...

    Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we are working on adapting the Welcome Programme to the current sanitary restrictions. We will publish the new programme soon.

  • Step 3 - Register at the International Welcome Office

    When you arrive at UA, you have to make an appointment to register with the International Welcome Office:

    During this appointment, we will register specific information that allows us to stay in contact with you and we will inform you of specific services for international students throughout the year. You can also get help for certain administrative formalities.

    International Exchange Students

    Register upon arrival

    Simply make an appointment.
    The information gathered during this appointment will also enable us to provide better help for you and alert your home university in case of emergencies.

    International Free Movers

    Register upon arrival

    Register with International Welcome Office and learn about all services offered to international students throughout the academic year and get help for certain administrative formalities, such as paying the CVEC which is required in order to enrol in courses at UA.

    Pay the CVEC fee

    The CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution) is an annual compulsory contribution, which is used for the integration and guidance of students on the UA campuses. The contribution is € 92 (2020-2021) and is to be paid upon enrollment.

    • Create your account on the national platform:
    • Pay the CVEC (Student and Campus Life Contribution) on: cvec.etudiant.gouv.frIn the section “obtenir votre attestation” (receive your receipt).
    • Receive your receipt by e-mail
  • Step 4 - Enrol at your faculty

    Once you have registered with the International Welcome Office (and have paid the CVEC as a Free Mover), you can enrol in courses at the faculty and get your student card by making an appointment with the Student Administration Office (Scolarité) at the faculty.

  • Step 5 - Sign up for French courses

    The French language center (CeLFE) offers free French courses throughout your studies at UA. Some courses may be subject to ECTS points depending on your status and study program.

    You can also sign up for certification sessions to validate your French proficiency skills with a diploma.

    For more information, attend the information meetings during the Welcome Programme at the beginning of each semester or contact the CeLFE.

    Contact: celfe @ univ-angers

  • Step 6 - Open a French bank account

    Opening a bank account in France generally requires a little time and several documents. The whole procedure can take up to 2 weeks.

    Simply follow the steps below:

    • Go to a bank of your choice to make an appointment with a bank advisor
    • Prepare all required documents prior to your appointment:
      • Passport or ID card
      • Proof of accommodation:If you are staying in a hall of residence, ask the administrative office of the residence. If you are not staying in a hall of residence: ask your landlord
      • Enrolment certificate (“Certificat de scolarité”). This document is generally provided to you when you enrol with your faculty/department. You can also print it from your personal account on the students’ web portal (ENT Etudiants).

    The bank may request that you make a small deposit to the account when opening it.

    You will also be given a “Relevé d’identité bancaire” or “RIB” (document showing all your bank details), which is useful for various procedures such as renting a bike or getting a bus pass, being reimbursed for medical expenses, etc.

    Once your account is open, according to the bank agency conditions, you receive a credit card within ten days

    Closing my bank account

    Many banks require an official letter (in French) specifying the closure date of your account.

  • Step 7 - Get health insurance

    Compulsory health care insurance

    In France, health care insurance is compulsory and free if:

    • you do not hold a European Health Insurance Card,
    • you enrol in a French higher education institution for the first time.

    As soon as you are enrolled at UA:

    • Make an appointment with the Sumpps (on-campus medical services) or the International Welcome Office to get your health check done,
    • Start carrying out the formalities to register with the public Health Insurance, Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) and get most medical expenses reimbursed.
      > For more information on registration, see the International Welcome Guide on this webpage.

    To register, go to the Ameli website (available in English)

    How can I get reimbursed for treatments or medical appointments?

    Once you have had you health check done and registered with the public health care insurance CPAM or Caisse primaire d’assurance, you should send them the following documents:

    • The “feuille de soins” (treatment form) handed out by your doctor at the end of your consultation,
    • A RIB (“relevé d’identité bancaire” = bank account details),
    • A copy of your student card,
    • A copy of your European health card (European students only).

    Postal address
    CPAM de Maine et Loire
    32 rue Louis Gain
    49937 Angers Cedex 9

    Private health insurance

    We strongly advise you to sign up for additional health insurance for better reimbursement. This additional insurance is not compulsory but highly recommended: It will cover the remaining 30% of the medical expenses that are generally not covered by the compulsory health care insurance.

  • Step 8 - Get home insurance and liability insurance

    Home insurance

    Home insurance is compulsory in France if you rent a room or an apartment (including a room a university student hall of residence). It covers risks such as fire or water damage.

    If you are staying in a room at a university student hall of residence, it is to be paid online when you apply for the room.

    If you are renting a private apartment or room, please note that French law also requires this insurance.

    Civil liability insurance

    Also called accident insurance. It covers accidents caused to a third party.
    However it is often part of the home insurance, so be sure to verify before subscribing.

  • Step 9 - Find more practical information

    If you have questions regarding accommodation, grants, transport, healthcare, sports, cultural activities, the Infocampus Student Helpdesk can help you.

    Visit the Infocampus helpdesk to get all the information you need on student life and administration procedures. And in addition, the Infocampus ambassadors speak several languages!

    More information on the InfoCampus help desk page.

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